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“My parents hated me!”

  2019-04-26 11:30:12

PT, 37, broke down when she started talking about her childhood. Her mother didn’t express any love or affection towards her while she looked after her other younger brother and sister well. She said she was barely given any food; often it was stale food she had to contend with.…

Gallbladder stones and lungs infection:

  2019-04-24 10:29:21

DS, 38, from Kanpur, had been planning to come for a Past Life Regression therapy through a QHHT session since the past one year. He frantically called me one day to have a session- if he could “avoid going through gallbladder surgery to remove stones”- knowing how all-powerful the higher…

Past-life oath~ can’t say NO

  2019-04-11 03:09:03

SM was a very successful corp exec in the pharmaceutical segment at Mumbai. She had effortlessly climbed up the ladder and gave away a lot of money to whoever needed. She felt she was here to help people. She couldn’t refuse anyone. She quit her well-paying job and started her…

Marijuana – just one time

  2018-10-21 14:57:32

My client, Ajay, a 30, works in advertising. He has been very depressed and disturbed for couple of years. He takes a vodka shot every night to get some sleep. I insist on having no alcohol the day before the QHHT session. He can’t let go of it even for…

Misuse of Power #Metoo

  2018-10-17 09:32:18

Did I have a #Metoo moment in the Corporate HR world? Yes! If you call someone hitting on you persistently to tempt you with a “fat deal”, then the answer is yes! I felt a deep shame that some of these people were from my “Obrah” (Oriya Brahmin/extended) community! They…

Losing a Loved One

  2018-10-03 05:15:28

My neighbour, Gurpreet (name changed) was devastated when she lost her father. He had not been keeping well. She was travelling at that time, wrapping up quickly to get back home to be with him. But he passed away the day before she arrived. She was shattered and guilt ridden.…

History and Reincarnation

  2018-09-06 17:53:01

“Master said Winston Churchill was Napoleon.” I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the first time Swami Kriyananda declared while we gathered around for community satsang when I lived at the Ananda Spiritual Communities more than a decade ago. Swami Kriyanada, (1926-2013) aka, J. Donald Walters was a genius.…

Elf, Gaia and Messages from Ascended Masters

  2018-09-01 02:37:42

“I’m an elf, and I’m very young, less than 10 years maybe. I have a long cap; big ears…” whispered my client, Sony, 57, runs an export business- her voice becoming that of a 10 year old! This young elf lived with his father in the forest. There was no…

Past Wound

  2018-07-30 03:32:23

Pooja Sen (name changed) came from Kolkata for a Qhht session. She wanted to find out about her scholarship for admission in Aug 18 at NYU (New York University) for a degree in fashion, and also to heal her chronic health issue – every time she goes to the toilet,…

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