ET Encounters

By Lipa Rath

Apr 30 2021

I have been having amazing extraterrestrial 👽 encounters lately!

Last year to celebrate New Year Eve we went to a fine dining restaurant, there was an ET who served us at the table, said he was from Mars! He was least curious about my work, because he knew who he was. He just nodded like a wise elder.☺️

Many extraterrestrial👽 encounters happen in New Mexico and Sedona area in the United States, in India frequent ET encounters happen in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, and higher up the Himalayan ranges.

Recently a lady asks for a Qhht session with me. She works as nurse in one of the leading hospitals in Gurgaon. She is in her early 40s, amicably separated, mother of two. She explained that one day she had an extraordinary mystical experience. She wanted to know more about it. She said, “I think I am an ET.”
L: How do you know that?
ET: I’m an intern QHHT practitioner. I got to know about it from my daughter’s session.
L: What do you want to know today?
ET: My origin. Why did I come here to earth? I feel so out of place. 😢
L: I understand.
ET: I also wanted to know about the mystical experience I had.

She had NO problem with her life. Whatever she wanted to study or experience she could do that without a hitch. She could choose anything and it would happen to her. For example, she said both the girls were made to order; face structure, eyes, hair, skin colour 🥰. She said she would wish and things would happen. She winked at me mischievously and said she was from the Thar desert 🏜🌵 of Rajasthan.😉

Her session:
She arrived at a place in trance. “It’s a grey place!”
L: Can you elaborate? (I was thinking maybe a grey planet)

“The whole thing is grey and floating. It doesn’t have a feel of a planet. (Long pause) But it’s so peaceful and so warm. I want to be here.”
Tears started flowing down her cheeks. “This feels like home! This is home and I have been missing this place”, sobbing uncontrollably. 😭

The Higher Self comes in the end and explains:
She’s an extraterrestrial being, or you might call her a “starseed” who has come here to earth for the first time. She has never had a past life. Well, having no past life on earth, she has no experience of failure, trauma or doubt. Everything is effortless for her. She is a very powerful being- she knows that.

L: What was that grey mist that she called home?
HS: That’s a dimension that she has come from. It’s very close to the “Source” or you might call God. In that dimension creation happens by thought only. It’s very pure and a high vibrational place.

L: Then why did she come here to earth?
HS: She heard “the call”. That the earth needs help. So she decided to incarnate here.

L: How can she help?
HS: By just remembering who she is. By being an example. By thinking and creating. By not worrying like humans and manipulate and control. She is a starseed, she can do anything.

L: What was that mystical experience she had recently?
HS: That was an experience of a very mild form of ecstasy. The more she connects to her true self more she will understand her purpose here. But what happens is when you come to earth you feel you have to help everyone. And you get caught in that illusion. You just have to be- be here and now. Be love. You are Source energy. Be present … be love. 💝

L: If Earth is a 3 dimensional planet, what dimension was that plane that she came from?
HS: Earth is no longer a 3 dimensional planet, it’s a fifth dimensional place. Where she came from could possibly be 12th dimension. But you see you can’t understand all this with your human mind. She has to remember who she is. She knows we are always with her, watching her. She must love herself and know who she is! 💖

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