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A “Walk-in” Experience

  2021-10-29 16:44:13

Session Story: Walk-in experience during QHHT session: “Walk-in” phenomenon happens when a soul wants to leave the body and another soul enters or walks in to the body and continues from there on. The two souls have to have an agreement to have this experience. From the QHHT Academy Forum…

“Why did my soul choose to incarnate as a gay man and why did it choose to be born in India?”

  2021-09-29 14:42:05

My client (JD) was about 35 years; tall, broad and handsome, lived at Faridabad. He had a well trimmed beard with a beaming smile. He was very soft spoken, a thorough gentleman- every time I got up from my seat he would stand up to open the door. He had…

I have NO emotions

  2021-08-11 17:44:14

A gentleman (VJ) called me looking for a QHHT session. He came in and said he read the book, “A Hypnotist’s Journey to Atlantis: Eye witness Accounts of our Ancient History“, by my fellow QHHT level-3 practitioner from Florida, Sarah Breskman Cosmo. That’s when he felt he should go for…

The Significant Other

  2021-06-30 11:46:56

Kavita T (name changed) is senior executive in a multinational bank. She has worked and traveled all over the world. Mergers, acquisitions, foreign investments are things under her thumbnails. 😀 She’s been very successful at work. At 50 she looks beautiful with dark brown eyes and an enchanting smile. She…

ET Encounters

  2021-04-30 11:23:08

I have been having amazing extraterrestrial 👽 encounters lately! Last year to celebrate New Year Eve we went to a fine dining restaurant, there was an ET who served us at the table, said he was from Mars! He was least curious about my work, because he knew who he…

“Son, I will not be there to receive your father”

  2021-03-23 20:54:17

A grieving sister called from Australia asking for an appointment for her younger brother, TS, for a QHHT session with me. The brother, TS, 32, was willing to have a session. He was getting married the following week, didn’t have the time to fix an appointment. Their mother suffered from…

Body shaming

  2021-03-18 16:09:15

Emotions are meant to flow, and not be held within our consciousness. That makes us feel “stuck”. People come for regression sessions because of their emotions, feeling stuck. Then when their soul recognises how it started and continued they see a pattern~ how it’s hurting them. It’s often a belief…

White Light

  2021-01-05 17:32:41

QHHT Session Story: “What was my curse that I could never become a doctor?” My client was in his mid forties and came looking for answers. He said he knew he was not going to live for long. He was quite unhappy with his marriage and family. The children were…

Maa Narsimhi Devi

  2020-07-14 12:57:26

The Divine feminine that has been guiding us, I thought it was all about dressing up, chanting and offering prasad. Well, it is – but there’s more. It’s also the Shakti of Maa (Bhadra) Kali and Maa Narsimhi (Pratyangira) – the shakti that destroys the “misuse” of feminine power. Let…

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