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Body shaming

  2021-03-18 16:09:15

Emotions are meant to flow, and not be held within our consciousness. That makes us feel “stuck”. People come for regression sessions because of their emotions, feeling stuck. Then when their soul recognises how it started and continued they see a pattern~ how it’s hurting them. It’s often a belief…

White Light

  2021-01-05 17:32:41

QHHT Session Story: “What was my curse that I could never become a doctor?” My client was in his mid forties and came looking for answers. He said he knew he was not going to live for long. He was quite unhappy with his marriage and family. The children were…

Maa Narsimhi Devi

  2020-07-14 12:57:26

The Divine feminine that has been guiding us, I thought it was all about dressing up, chanting and offering prasad. Well, it is – but there’s more. It’s also the Shakti of Maa (Bhadra) Kali and Maa Narsimhi (Pratyangira) – the shakti that destroys the “misuse” of feminine power. Let…

Seeking Approval

  2020-06-18 15:51:32

At one point of time I was seriously contemplating a career as a fashion model. 🥰 When I approached my father he completely turned it down with a non-negotiable NO! Anguished and hurt, I felt I could never show my worth to anyone! 😢 Looking back I realise that deep…

Pandemic- Relationship dynamics: From Role-based to Soul-based

  2020-06-05 16:33:37

People used to live together and worked outside. Home was a place to eat and sleep. Waking hours were spent outside, so that they could sail through what was uncomfortable at home. Pandemic came and changed it all. They were refreshing stories about how children were looked after better, how…

St Germain and the Violet Flame

  2020-04-18 14:37:41

Transmuting the pain of Partition (Indo-Pak) and Past Lives during World War-I and II The violet flame is a spiritual light for transformation of all traumas and suffering we have had with our ancestor and our past lives. Ascended Master St. Germain is helping mankind to release all that negativity…

Soul’s journey

  2020-04-04 17:46:58

We talk about women’s issues- protection from tyranny, safety, equality, but I feel so glad when men come to my sessions n cry; shake their bodies and sob…😢😭😰 However it’s one thing to cry alone, but when you cry in presence of someone who doesn’t judge you, it’s such a…

Sacred Code- The Mineral Rich Odisha

  2020-02-10 16:07:27

“We wanted to tell you that the earth has risen to a higher frequency. The minerals carry its vibrational rate now. And those people who want to raise their vibrational frequency of healing and creating miracles in their lives could use these minerals. The crystal structure of the minerals holds…

My Session with Lord Shri Hanuman ji

  2020-01-27 10:47:54

This took place 2 years back, on Saraswti Puja, 2018. I was still very new to my test QHHT practice. Never expected that this kind of encounter was possible and I would have a conversation with Lord Shri Hanuman ji!!! After “fear of death” comes “fear of being ridiculed”. I…

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