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Healing of Migraine

  2018-07-16 11:39:52

Dolores (my teacher) says people suffer from migraine because the body remembers the past life traumatic death experience. GT, (name changed) 32, from Bangalore, was suffering from migraine. She used to have acute body pain and felt weak, up until her twenties. She works for a multinational company and has…

“Courage is knowing what not to fear”-Plato

  2018-05-16 09:33:15

Session Story Manika Kartik (name changed) 41, was very lonely. She was still not married and has been looking after her mother and younger brother ever since her father died more than a decade ago. She was very fond of her father. Her mom didn’t particularly show love to her…

Unequal-sized Legs- Cause and Healing

  2017-11-26 11:29:26

During a qhht session, she was healed of her leg problem- never to wear orthotics again.

Habits from the Past

  2017-11-04 09:23:40

I feel so grateful and so privileged for the work I’m doing- words fall short. We think movies are interesting… Well, I am witnessing such interesting plots unfold before me every time during my qhht/ past-life regression session. It’s unbelievable! Couple of days back a father from a nearby village…

Woman inside a man’s body

  2017-10-01 05:01:25

Kailash (name changed), 34, from Lucknow, came to me for a past-life regression session. He said that he feels alive when he dresses up like a woman- he loves women’s clothing and dresses, and wears them often when his wife is away at work. He has a cohesive family with…

Second Session with Sai Baba- Jayanti’s Case

  2017-08-15 18:53:55

Quantum Healing Hypnotic Technique or QHHT® is a modality that uses hypnotherapy as the medium to access the Higher Self (HS). The practitioners ‘objective to take the client to this state and seek permission of the HS to heal/alleviate the client’s physical and emotional issues. Entirely bypassing the conscious mind.…

Qhht session with Sai Baba

  2017-06-16 11:23:17

I had an extraordinary past life regression through quantum healing hypnotherapy session: Shirdi Sai Baba came- when I asked for permission to speak to my client’s higher self. This is how every Qhht session is – that in the end I seek permission to speak to my client’s Higher Self…

Quintessential Victoria, BC, Canada

  2013-11-18 11:25:09

Victoria is perched on top of the Vancouver island in British Columbia state in Canada. Its fairly closer to Seattle, but doesn’t have an easy access from Vancouver in BC. This small little town is a unique blend of old world charm and new world experiences. Owing to the gold rush…

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