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  2022-09-18 23:34:53

Numbing of feelings: manifested as Dystonia, a neurological disorder, causing involuntary muscle contractions that result in slow and repetitive movements, cramps or abnormal posture. Here’s a Session Story: ————— Earth is a school, and every QHHT session is a “learning” experience for the client, as well as the practitioner. A…

Wounded DNA strands

  2022-08-26 15:20:18

“I love my husband and I can’t live without him; but we have been fighting. I feel very hurt because I try to be nice to his mother despite of her nasty behaviour, but he doesn’t bother to be nice with my parents. One day when our fight escalated, he…

Addiction to porn and alcohol

  2022-08-13 08:25:24

My client came to get rid of these habits and bring “passion” back into his life. He brought with him a rough pencil sketch that he called his dream: a mountain range, a house, a car and three people- father, mother and a child. He said he liked playing with…

Black magic & Body language:

  2022-07-16 18:56:54

Looking back at my life it makes sense that nothing was a random coincidence: a pattern is emerging and I find it endlessly fascinating. It was after my orientation in my first job as a HR professional, the company decided to hire an expert to find the “crooks” through “body…

Programs of Punishment

  2022-07-06 13:20:49

God or our Higher Self doesn’t want us to suffer, but we are very eager to bring “justice” to our actions and find ways to punish ourselves. But once we understand this pattern we can let go of the punishment cycle which carries untold misery and suffering. Funny how we…


  2022-05-05 14:14:54

A lady contacted me from Jaipur, Rajasthan, for a QHHT® session. She said she was unable to feel rested even after waking up from long hours of sleep. She complained of headaches sometimes. The other problem she had was that she was very uneasy with English language, even though she…

Back to the Future

  2022-04-05 13:32:40

SP took an appointment several months before coming from Salzburg, Austria. He was from Gujarat, India. He came from a very big family. He had various health conditions which he felt were stress related. He and his wife went through a series of harrowing experiences, before they finally became parents.…

The Necklace – Abundance Unlocked!

  2022-01-26 21:00:54

Session Story : Tensing, 29, name changed, came from Tibet to Dharamshala, India, the headquarters of The Dalai Lama. She was 15 years old then. She had studied till 10th grade in Tibet, but she had to go through the rigmarole of school once again, learning English and Hindi. Now…

The Hiding Place

  2021-12-15 17:28:21

Session Story: My client, Nicole (name changed) was a very attractive young woman in her 30s. Her parents lived in Dubai. She came to India to study medicine and now she’s in her final year of post graduation in Anaesthesiology. She said it was difficult for her to adjust when…

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