Body shaming

By Lipa Rath

Mar 18 2021

Emotions are meant to flow, and not be held within our consciousness. That makes us feel “stuck”. People come for regression sessions because of their emotions, feeling stuck. Then when their soul recognises how it started and continued they see a pattern~ how it’s hurting them. It’s often a belief system, and/ or a fear around that belief system. Once they are able to see the “cause and effect” they realise and healing takes place allowing grace to flow through.

Past life vows about food ~ Healing with Maa Ganeshini ~

My client, ST, was in her 20s- petit and very beautiful. But she was very scared of eating regular meals. Because she always feared putting on weight. So she remained hungry most of the time, and felt very conflicted and drained.

She saw two past lives; one when she was too poor to eat and in another too rich to be fat. There were life times when she starved to death due to poverty and famine. Then there was a life time in France in a wealthy merchant family during 18th century when it was fashionable to have a narrow waistline, and she judged others who weren’t slender.


Ma Goddess Ganeshini came as her higher self and spoke:

Let go of the old programs of bodyweight. Weight doesn’t come from your food; weight comes from your thoughts and beliefs. Let them go. Have a diet for your mind- not for what you eat.

Enjoy your meals. Enjoy your food.

By moving her hand over ST’s belly Maa Ganeshini removed the memories of shame, judgment, vows and guilt from the past and present. “There is no need to punish yourself.” ST was holding on to emotions in her stomach based on beliefs which were drawing more food to “feed it” to feel comforted.

Ma Ganeshini instructed her “Before sleeping call me and say” :

“Ganeshini, heal me. Heal my stomach.
Heal my past life vows about food.
Heal me so that I don’t bring them forward into this life.”

She continued: “We are changing her beliefs and her own reality, and understanding about body weight, body shape and body image.

Weight is a personal story. We can’t judge others by their weight. We do not know what they are carrying from other lives.

Beauty comes from loving yourself. Beauty comes from self confidence; not from outer perfection. You cannot force outer beauty to be perfect when you are not feeling that way from within.

Look at me – you would call me chubby, but I’m beautiful. Because I AM Beauty. Do not judge others by their weight. You must enjoy your life. Eating is a celebration.

If you are feeling sad, don’t eat. First resolve the sadness and the anxiety. Then approach the food. Otherwise the food will go and fix the sadness- which will then become “heavy”. Hunger makes you feel emotional, which you need to release. It’s a good idea to tap (eft), drink water, take a few deep breaths and then eat.

“Eating is a habit. When you start changing your cellular memory/ information from your DNA you are completely upgraded. You are only eating because you have trained your mind to eat. Once you understand that you won’t need to eat as much as you eat now you will not crave food. You would have many things to look forward in your life. “


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