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Simultaneous Time

  2024-03-15 17:29:51

Simultaneous Time: Vedantic scriptures tell us that reality is not one but many; at any given time we are living in many realities. It is interesting how we perceive time and pain. My client drove a sleek Mercedes SUV from a long distance for a QHHT session with me. He…

Vows and Sexual Disorientation

  2024-01-21 11:46:40

Vows and sexual disorientation: Often people come to QHHT sessions to know from the deepest part who they are. Self realisation is what we’re looking for. The beautiful part of it is there’s no judgement from the higher self about any form of sexuality or sexual orientation or experiences. However…

Swami Rama

  2024-01-07 14:27:07

Long time ago I had seen this book, “Living with the Himalayan Masters” on my father’s desk. I had heard about the experiments done on Swami Rama. He was the founder of The Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophies which has branches across India, United States and Europe. Swami…


  2023-09-22 23:43:44

Clairsentience: “When you own your emotions and you really process through them, then you can own the power that comes with it.” Priestess, Temple of Mary Magdalene. ——— My client was the third daughter to her parents, when her brother was born specially-abled, she was sent to her uncle’s house.…

The Signature and The Sword

  2023-08-30 14:20:50

The Signature and The Sword: All answers are within us. Sometimes we just need to have a QHHT session to get the details. 😳 My client was heavily into cocaine, meth, and few other lethal drugs, and alcohol. His hands were shaking, no drive to live, yet he loved his…

Mahavatar Babaji

  2023-08-23 10:53:55

Mahavatar Babaji Sharing two QHHT session stories with Babaji. He has been nudging me to share these stories.🤓😇 If it resonates with you, he is blessing you as well! 🙏🏼 Sometime back a lady had come for session. She had a young son of 7 to 8 years. Tall and…

Isle of Blue

  2023-07-02 22:26:24

In her QHHT session my client was shown a lifetime which I strongly felt that perhaps from the times her soul lived in Atlantis. But when she woke up she said it did not feel like earth, but another planet, because her body felt more like a humanoid, yet very…


  2023-05-19 13:39:28

My client started telling me about her work with the Noongar aboriginal community of South West Australia and Anishinaabe, First Nation folks in Ontario and Minnesota. I was excited, I thought to myself, oh this is going to be such an interesting session as she would find a life time…

W~A~R~P speed technology:

  2023-05-03 15:14:10

W~A~R~P speed technology: In a recent QHHT session, my client’s higher self showed him a part of his soul that appeared like a silvery white fluid being from another dimension. There they have the knowledge and technology of age reversal, “warp-speed” technology and many other sophisticated, futuristic plans and processes.…

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