Speak in Arabic, please!

By Lipa Rath

Mar 03 2023

Speak in Arabic, please…

Some brave souls choose to incarnate into a timeline and a place when it’s bombarded by missile attacks.

The chaos and the aftermath of a war is further disorienting – it’s like emerging from a deep wound and encountering layers of harrowing experiences. For a child it’s utterly confusing to know what is normal and whom to trust.

My client came from Kuwait, born in 1990, three months after Iraq’s invasion into Kuwait. His parents had 3 other children, he was the 4th one. Bullied by his older siblings he felt neglected. However, he got a chance to travel to Egypt to receive higher education. He is a big fan of Dolores Cannon, and now inspired to become a QHHT practitioner. 👍🏼😍

Amongst all other questions he had one request. “If my higher self (HS) wants to tell me something in Arabic, let it come through, I will get it when I listen to the audio recording of my session.”

Of course, I agreed.

He got to know his connection with the Arab/Persian land during the medieval era and how everything ties together to where he is now with his soul group.

The higher self answered all his questions. Cleared all the generational, ancestral wounds all the way from where it originated – repairing the DNA structure of all memories and belief patterns of punishment, rigid programs of righteousness and trauma. Then in the end spoke in his native tongue.

His face began to glow as words started to flow in Arabic. I was too curious to know what the higher self told to him. 🤔

With a warm smile that part of him started speaking in English, “You are so loved. You have no idea how much you are loved. We love you. We are watching over you. We have never left your side. You are not alone. You are so worthy and deserving of all that your heart desires.” 💖

All healing, all answers that each one us is seeking are within us – held with deep love and care to be delivered at the most divinely appropriate time.


Ameeeen ☮️

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