Black magic & Body language:

By Lipa Rath

Jul 16 2022

Looking back at my life it makes sense that nothing was a random coincidence: a pattern is emerging and I find it endlessly fascinating.

It was after my orientation in my first job as a HR professional, the company decided to hire an expert to find the “crooks” through “body language”. I would think the management was very progressive for its time.

This gentleman then taught at the premier management colleges. He along with his wife studied and researched about body language. For over a month in the 80s he said as a couple they went to Khar local train station in Mumbai and watched the ticket collector catch the ones who traveled without a ticket. From a sea of people coming out from local trains, the ticket collector didn’t make a single mistake in catching the offenders. The TC asked the couple to stand and observe the body language of the passengers.

Body language is a very subtle art of observation. Spending much time with this gentleman I felt someone placed my magic hat 🎩 and cloak. He taught me few tricks which I would not share them now. 🤩😄

But looking back I feel I was placed there to observe and soak in the information about people around me- their energetic patterns, and store them silently for future!

In retrospect, I feel information is floating back to me now as discernment that how some people misused magic to manipulate power, money and authority that didn’t belong to them. 😳

I used to feel I wasted a lot of time being in the corporate world. But it’s an important learning for me about “magic” – the use and misuse of it since millennia! They used this much during the downfall of Egypt.

The Divine allows us to use it, play with it; manipulate energy. All is okay.

But the interesting part is that when you manipulate this energy without honouring and respecting it, well, it can create a trap for you without your conscious awareness. Then you are the greatest danger to yourself! And then when the mind is full of fear, how does the body look like?? 😝

Magic is very real. It’s with what “intention” we use it for? Throughout history magic has been used for power and control.

But as we are moving into a new timeline, a new earth, a 5D earth, people can perceive body language effortlessly. It’s in our simplicity, humility, and in awe of the divine that it comes to us as an energetic information.

Then what about black/dark magic? The higher self said. ‘It will become a thing of the past. The perpetrators will be taken out of this planet.”

Hallelujah… ! 😇♥️

Jai Jaganath! 🙏🏼

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