The New Earth


In 2005 Eckhart Tolle wrote a book “A New Earth” and Dolores Cannon spoke about it and published, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” in 2012.

What is the New Earth?

New Earth

Some people say it’s a place where we all move into ~ another earth. Others say it’s shifting of our consciousness from a 3D world to the fifth dimensional/ 5D world, where two things are important - intentions and choices.

When I began my QHHT work, I was shown a blessing, a dream! I was delighted to be a part of that dream. But soon it went completely out of my reach and turned into a blistering nightmare. My 3D world looked upside down in total mayhem.


I learnt about a tribe, that lived off the coast of Malaysia. It was not a very ancient one, but this tribe was spiritually evolved. They practiced that fear had to be faced, embraced, and replaced. They knew they were powerful beings. When someone would experience a nightmare, the whole community would come together. They knew every nightmare had a latent gift in them. The community would sit and pray, and then wait until the gift within the nightmare was revealed, then they rejoiced and celebrated whatever would come through and find ways to embody the gift to embrace it fully.

So I asked what’s my gift from this nightmare? And the answer came -

“Do not deny the love and appreciation you have for yourself!”

Wow, I was startled - that was unexpected, but I started feeling better. I felt I was connected to the power that created me and continues to create only good through me - if I decide to do so - putting me in charge of my destiny.

I felt powerful, plugged in, confident, sensitive, passionate, nurturing and emotionally strong!

Then what happened to my blisters? Well, they started turning over and changed their molecular structure and emerged as these shiny glittering gems.

That’s pure alchemy and this is just the beginning! The Divine, or the essence of pure love and creation, has given us the power and the “choice” to completely alchemise our lives and experiences.

A New Earth! Living in 5D.


Recently I read somewhere, a wise man wrote,

“Love supports the law. Yet love also is above the law, and the ultimate purpose of the law.”

Advanced Democracy

Paramahansa Yogananda’s prophecies are coming to fruition, “India and America will come together to unite the world“.

The oldest democracy and the largest democracy will come together; integrating the wisdom traditions of the Native people of Americas and the ancient wisdom of India to form a concept of
“Advanced Democracy”

With self love comes healing and divine alchemy that gives birth to “Self Sovereignty”.

3 Fold Flame

This leads us to a way forward for “Advanced Democracy”. It would bring a radically new concept of energy exchange, the
“New Currency”.

New Currency

A quantum leap for the next level for the human beings, as we “feel” more in alignment with the Mother Earth, Gaia, our beloved Bhumi Devi.

These concepts are channelled by the council of light (Galactic Brotherhood of White Light) to be shared with the world.

Artworks created by Ria Rath.

I’m sharing what the council of light (Great White Brotherhood of Light) urged me to share as a concept as of now.

Love, Light and Power!

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