Sleep Paralysis

By Lipa Rath

Jan 24 2023

Some people have no past lives on earth. They come here as “volunteers”. They are quite different from their family members. They choose to bring change, infuse higher consciousness of light, love and greater understanding.

“I find it very difficult to sleep. I have dreams inside my dream, unable to wake up. When I wake up I find myself in another dream. Then I panic for not being able to wake up. I also feel a presence of another person while I’m sleeping. I’m unable to breathe sometimes. It’s very scary!”

In her trance, my client finds that she’s travelling from planet to planet in a small spaceship. She was in charge of checking the soil if “life” could be sustained in those planets. She was in a male body that rested and recharged himself inside a pod, which was suffocating. (like the pic)

Higher Self: She is from a red planet. And that body in the red planet is suspended in a pod. Her physical body is a projected form of the body inside that pod. That’s the reason she feels the presence of someone else being there. It’s another part of her “being”, that is from a red planet in another galaxy.

Lipa: Why did she come here to earth?

HS: To raise the vibration. This is her first life on earth. She “chose” this family. Now she complains about them as ‘typical middle class Indian family’ who only value children that study math and science and don’t give any importance to artists like her.
Well honey, you chose your parents so that you could break their conditioning. She needs no other training to feel more confident to create and sell her art. Believe in yourself. Meditate and connect with us and we will help you with your work and bring you clients who would be inspired by your art. She is here to bring higher consciousness.
Now that she knows about the other part of her, things will not be so difficult for her.


She finally accepted herself and the other part of her. The session was not just informative but emotionally healing and energising, as she could put the pieces together. After the session she asked if she could hug me. It’s such an honour to be able to do this work.🥰

A week later she sends me a message:
Hey Lipa! This might sound strange.. but since the session, I have this new refreshed energy in my being. Don’t feel suffocated these days. Not having sleep paralysis. And i don’t mind the feeling of “someone’s presence” in my sleep. Thank you so much for helping me out! This session changed my life. I can now sleep in peace. 🥱😴


More about the life and work on the other red planet:

My client, AT, is a beautiful young woman. But her higher self (HS) said, her real body vehicle was that of a male living inside a pod, in a spaceship, hovering over the earth’s atmosphere.

HS: There are other “beings” in the spacecraft that are working. She was frightened earlier because she could hear their voices when she slept here on earth. Those are the other beings who are doing their work. She needs to be calm and focus on her life on earth and not be worried about what they are talking. The earth life is a dream projected from the male being. He cared for the earth and came down in this form.

L- Where is she from?

HS- A red planet, not from this galaxy, but from a far away place. Sleep paralysis is because she comes back to this place while she’s sleeping. She calls it sleep paralysis. It’s confusing for her. We wanted her to know this. Hence we sent her to you for the session.

From the red planet the spaceship takes them to other planets. Here’s the male counterpart speaking:

My job is to check the soil condition of other planets, in a better soil condition you can grow anything. I have a big head. Pichey se bada hai (big from the back). Very weird. I have loose clothes- cream or white linen types. Helmets on.

We are two of us in this spaceship now. Other one looks black. We are out on a mission to check out a planet. Something has happened to that planet. Rait hey… Total destruction. They have destroyed everything by wars. Climate changed.

Back to the spaceship:

It’s moving very fast. Seat belts on. (He has three fingers, one was manoeuvring the spaceship. The spacecraft was round – nozzle type ship- like a shiv-ling. White metallic ship with many windows that looked black. Now resting inside a pod for deep sleep.) Glass pod. Sleeping horizontally. Glass is making me feel suffocated. I miss home. There are people at home.

Back to the red planet:

I’m in a city here in a skyscraper. No pollution. I can see the city-scape. There’s a metro-rail kind of thing. I like being in the office. All images are coming into the glass in front of me. There’s a projection screen. All mission plans, orders, info and data are coming and uploading on to the screen in front of me.

L- What is your specialised work like?

Testing and analysing for life to grow; what can grow and what can never grow. Testing resources. There are labs and equipments- very advanced. Other people are here. We are shape-shifters. We change our feet. In order to test the land we need big feet, to feel the soil, yet it won’t prick you. Very hard feet. I have a male body. This city feels like home. No spouse, no children, 30 something or whatever age means there. Young and healthy. We don’t age. Food is not a concept here. We drink a formulation in liquid form. Not excited about food.

L- Where do you sleep/ rest? Tell me more about that life.

There’s another room next to the office. White bed. White sheets, very soft. No doors. Fresh air. I’m excited about my work- saving and restoring planets. I love this (started crying) everything makes sense.

So disturbing to see planets fade away. So many lives wasted. Each life matters. We help soil become fertile. I know what to add by analysing what’s missing, and then we add what’s missing. We get resources from other planets. We combine them in almost barren planets and we grow forests. (sounded very excited) So beautiful to see them grow and bloom. That motivates me to get up and go to work everyday! I don’t want anyone in my life. No spouse, no children. I think I have parents… or I came from Source. Some motherly figure gives me love.

I don’t want anybody, because this is too important… Too important! Glowing planets… so many colours… you go and visit them… so many colours!

The joy that brings me defines me- the person that I am! This is my life purpose- to help people.

L- How did that life come to an end?

Shifted. I decided to shift form and come to earth. Help people. Earth is in a very bad condition. I love to help.

L- When was the first time you came to earth?

Recently, I’m a first timer on earth. I changed my shape to come here to help- to shift – to heal… But this is not home. I’m learning so much. Never lived in any planet before, only helped and left. Help kar ke bahut khushi milti hai, aaj bhi!


Higher Self: She wanted to experience what it is like to be in a female body. She is here to express through dance, movement of fingers. Move. She has to paint/doodle- she loves to move. She needs to express. She is trying to find different ways to heal. Planet health, spiritual journey, vibrations and frequencies- she needs to do QHHT. She will understand her own path. She is creative, soft natured- all this will help people.


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