W~A~R~P speed technology:

By Lipa Rath

May 03 2023

W~A~R~P speed technology:

In a recent QHHT session, my client’s higher self showed him a part of his soul that appeared like a silvery white fluid being from another dimension. There they have the knowledge and technology of age reversal, “warp-speed” technology and many other sophisticated, futuristic plans and processes. The HS said that it’s a place in another universe – far away from our galaxy.

In his dream state my client goes back to this place and tries to wrap his brain around bringing these technologies into his present reality.

Higher self: We wanted to remove the energy of pain from his heart that he carries from a past life on earth, so that he can learn to live with love and kindness with his soul family.

As his heart feels safe he will no longer feel restrained to connect to the gateways of higher energy and learn how to manoeuvre cosmic waves of energy and bring this knowledge of space travel into the future timelines.

After the session he understood the reason why doors are opening up for him to relocate from New Delhi to Seattle, where he wants to pursue in research. During the interview he told me about his interest in age reversal technology and more so in “warp-speed technology” for space travel since the time he first saw since Star Trek series.

He said the technology Elon Musk is using is a very outdated one from the previous century and there are far superior ways of travelling in the space and he’s keen on bringing that know-how so that it can be so much more efficient.

Post session he understood he need not be in his head to “achieve” anything. He felt relaxed that he is only in his late twenties and he has enough time to pursue his dreams.

The session opened the door for him to glimpse into his future plans and he is being watched over with great attention and care. The dreams he has been having is a place where he came from and he has the choice to go back and learn more. He also understood how the human mind is wired with other dimensions for knowledge and growth of our collective body as humans and that we are truly One race – moving into a new earth 🌍

The shift is happening.
It’s real! 💯🙏🏼✨

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