Laryngeal spasms

By Lipa Rath

Mar 13 2023

Laryngeal spasms:

My client came from Gujarat. One of her urgent questions was about her husband. He is a cancer surgeon and owns a multi-facility hospital with few other doctors. They have two school going children. She said her husband leaves the house at 7am and returns home at 9pm.
Lately, he has been having laryngeal spasms while he is sleeping and wakes up choking. He is frightened that it may lead to cardiac collapse.

Her question was whether to take him to the laryngologist in Mumbai that he has been talking to past one year or should he trust his ETN specialist friend and go to Nagpur for his surgery.

The higher self had a brilliant reply:🤩

“He is having those spasms because he is too much in his logical mind. He needs to speak. That’s the reason for his spasms – he is not expressing himself. When he speaks about his feelings and emotions he will be fine. No need for any surgery.”

We are the creator of our own creation.

Image Source: Pinterest

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