Back to the Future

By Lipa Rath

Apr 05 2022

SP took an appointment several months before coming from Salzburg, Austria. He was from Gujarat, India. He came from a very big family.

He had various health conditions which he felt were stress related. He and his wife went through a series of harrowing experiences, before they finally became parents.

He is extremely sharp, loved coding and automation. He spoke Gujarati, Hindi, English, and German fluently. His carried a sense of restless with him.


SP effortlessly drifted into a lifetime in around the Second World War, when he was a scientist in Germany but later he chose to become a farmer. It’s his fascination with black hole/ dark matter that his soul felt was not safe for him to continue at that time. Hence he became a farmer and enjoyed a peaceful life with his family and had a natural death.

When I started probing about the black hole, he took off to a future timeline- lifetime in 3050 AD.

Prior to SP’s coming for his QHHT session, I was sent two other clients from Islamic background, I believe now to expand my understanding of Islam. Legendary figures like Fatima, Ali, Hassan and Hussain were introduced to me and Prophet Muhammad’s view on reincarnation.
I’m not surprised now how “they” were preparing me for what would come through this session. 😎


From 3050 AD:

SP: The aliens are threatening to take over earth. I’m in a very powerful position to decide the course of action for our planet. We know that their technology is far advanced than ours. We will be totally wiped out if we go in to war with them.

(SP mentioned the name of the Black hole and where exactly the aliens came from. For now I don’t think it’s safe to give out more details. But I checked it’s in the constellation of Virgo.)

SP continued: We, on our planet Earth, have now unified as ONE human race; we have boundaries to protect and respect every culture. All continents and countries have leaders and I’m their chosen representative to decide the future for our planet. (Pause) After a long deliberation I decide to surrender to the aliens – there’s no other option.

L- How and why did they choose you to be the representative at a planetary level?

SP: I had a lifetime in 2500 AD. The West has deep fears about Islam and Islamic countries and people. I chose to be born in an Islamic family somewhere in west Asia. I don’t believe in religion (Even now in 2022, although born in a religious Hindu family.)
I believe in the supreme power. In this life in 2500 AD, I’m a prolific orator and I speak 7 languages. People listen to me and respect my ideas for unification of all races and nations into one human race. I have worked hard for unification of all countries and continents during this time. It’s been a long process. But we have successfully made this a reality.

Because of what I aspired in that life in 2500 AD, I have been given the choice to reincarnate into this very wealthy and influential family in America in 3050 AD.
There’s no NASA, no ESA, no ISRO- we have become one body. Right now we are sitting in a conference room with the aliens after we surrendered. (Pause.) I can see the Golden Gate Bridge.

L- How do the aliens look like?

SP: They all look similar- wearing black, their eyes have no pupils, only white. There are 5 of them and we are three humans in this room. I can sense that they are not bad people who are here to harm us. Well, the thing is they have exhausted water resources on their planet. They say they can teleport our planet from our solar system. They are very advanced. The other option is that they are looking for land on earth so that they can migrate their population.

We don’t agree to the teleportation idea. No, no, that’s not an option we agree with. But we have collectively decided to give them Antarctica as no humans can live there, while their whole population can live.

L- Did the aliens agree to your conditions?

SP: Yes. It will take them about a 100 years to migrate into earth completely. Everyone is happy because in exchange they have agreed to share their technology with us. It’s all good.

L- What technology?

SP: They bring higher consciousness. They can teach us how to teleport.


Later I asked his subconscious (or the higher self) why did they show these things to him.

HS: To tell him that all his dreams and desires will be fulfilled, but NOT in one life time. So he can relax and enjoy his current life that he is focused now. His health will improve from this moment on.

I was speechless 😶


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