The Signature and The Sword

By Lipa Rath

Aug 30 2023

The Signature and The Sword:

All answers are within us. Sometimes we just need to have a QHHT session to get the details. 😳
My client was heavily into cocaine, meth, and few other lethal drugs, and alcohol. His hands were shaking, no drive to live, yet he loved his family deeply. Feeling confused about everything, he wakes up at 3 am and starts drinking. He left the rehab centre for it was far more depressing.

He came with his list of questions saying he has severe anxiety of not having enough money to take care of his wife and children, although he has a lavish life style; a sprawling house, a high paying job, etc.. One of his questions was very intriguing – why no two signatures of mine are the same, I don’t sign cheques! He was just curious.

The doctor increased his Valium dosage from 10mg to 20 mg, that’s when he cried out, “Stop. I’m not letting you prescribe higher dosage of Valium to stop me from having alcohol.” Perhaps his soul really wanted him to find out why he was having anxiety.

After a few years of experience, now I enjoy working with left-brained people, because they are the easiest to work with. Before he knew he was deeply in a somnambulistic state. A king in ancient Persia: Golden shoes, a big harem, several wives and a few children. He LOVED that life! He had all the luxuries. He ruled and people obeyed his orders. He spent time much time sprawled out in the swimming pool having fun!

One day out of nowhere an invader and his army entered his court and threatened him to surrender his kingdom. Shocked, he jumped from his seat with a sword, ran and beheaded the intruder in front of everyone so that no one messes up with him ever.
His Higher Self/SC said, he is carrying over that fear of the “threat” from the other life. This past life memory code is confusing him, making him feel that his life, his kingdom will be taken over any moment. This anxiety is running the show in his current life and making him drink more. He would not give up on alcohol entirely, but will drink in moderation and he will be okay in a month. The current life he has created is not for his own happiness, but to ensure that his loved ones are safe, protected and taken care, because his soul didn’t feel he did that well. So he is balancing that now.
He was given clear guidance about business ideas he had and was shown how they are bringing him rich dividends in his future timeline.

I asked, “This signature thing that he has, does it have anything to do with the way he used the sword to kill that man in the other life?” Yes!!

After waking up he found his anxiety to be so ridiculously silly! Eyes wide opened as he correlated his signature to the sword… 😳

QHHT is very empowering, because it gives you cues to your puzzle. Then it’s for you to join the dots and play the game! 😃

The Higher Self: this is an ever expanding drama you have created for your learning and growth. We are here to remind you that we have no judgment. Because we love you and always there for you.


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