Swami Rama

By Lipa Rath

Jan 07 2024

Long time ago I had seen this book, “Living with the Himalayan Masters” on my father’s desk. I had heard about the experiments done on Swami Rama.

He was the founder of The Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophies which has branches across India, United States and Europe.

Swami Rama allowed western doctors to do medical experiments on him which astounded them. By showing his power and control on his nervous system he could increase his heart beat and regulate his pulse rate. An ordinary person should have a heart attack, but he just smiled peacefully, demonstrating the power of yoga -the full embodiment of the spirit within the body.

But I had no idea how he was orchestrating this session for my client!

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Swami Rama-
Living with the Himalayan Masters:

I feel so privileged to be able to this work (QHHT). In one of my sessions not too long ago, Swami Rama came in and spoke to his disciple, that’s my client. Before he left his body, Swami Rama had specifically asked my client to start a big education project in India.

My client had a journey through his divorce; he still misses not being with his children.

The project that he had worked diligently training hundreds of people, eventually took off. But in the last few years funds started trickling down and now he has been trying to make ends meet, back inside the void.

There has been no financial certainty in his life, yet he would fly in private jets and stay at the most luxurious places around the world. Anything that he really needed was given to him.

Strange things would happen to him that he could not share them with anyone. Once he entered a very famous temple after work. All of a sudden the stone idol of Ganesh ji became alive and started communicating with him. In shock he could not grasp what just happened.

Again once as he got up from the bed, he saw Goddess Kali walking out of his chest. He could not understand such strange things occurring in his life.

He was shown a past life that was very tragic. He lived in a small community in a cluster of houses as a young boy of 10-11 years old. One day he was out on errands, when he came back he saw the whole house was in fire. He tried to get inside to rescue his family but he was stopped. Everything was gutted down. He was devastated. He then lived with someone who sold vegetables. The vegetable vendor was very kind to him. He grew up but the older man always watched over him.

My client wanted to know if he was a starseed. What he found from the session was something deep and profound. He learnt that it was his guru, Swami Rama who wanted him to know about his past life connection with him. In that lifetime where he had no one to love after his family died, he found compassion and comfort from this vegetable vendor. That was Swami Rama in that life who was there for him. At this moment his body rocked as he cried out with such intensity as he understood that he was never alone. Deep sense of compassion moved him as he discovered the renewed affection he felt from his guru.

The abyss that my client found himself in was a significant turning point- with all it’s uncertainties and potential for fear, it is also a place where great treasures of spiritual knowledge and personal growth can be found. It’s in these depths that we often encounter our true strength, resilience and wisdom.

It was his Guru who led him to the session to give him the assurance that he was overlooking his project while being in another constellation. My client also felt a deep sense of comfort when he found that his soul also originated from another dimension and they all belonged to that same place- came down to earth to help humanity and one another.


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