Vows and Sexual Disorientation

By Lipa Rath

Jan 21 2024

Vows and sexual disorientation:

Often people come to QHHT sessions to know from the deepest part who they are. Self realisation is what we’re looking for.

The beautiful part of it is there’s no judgement from the higher self about any form of sexuality or sexual orientation or experiences.

However unresolved issues are often carried over to be recognised, addressed, and processed through lifetimes.

This young lady came from Pondicherry, an old French colony in southern part of India.

Her father was French and mother an Indian. While growing up she couldn’t quite understand who she was and where she belonged. Now in her mid 30s, she is unsure of her own sexuality; she thinks she is homosexual but at the same time thinks she is homophobic.

She also doesn’t know if she belongs to India or France. Because she looked different from the others in her class. She was often teased by her classmates and that made her feel isolated.

When she turned 18, she moved to Paris to study fashion. Since then she’s been having trouble with her throat. It goes away and comes back. Now she has a partner who is very sweet and kind to her. They are considering having a baby – either through IVF or surrogacy or adoption.

Being unsure of her own orientation she’s confused about the other lady’s affections. She came to the session to have clarity and a way to move forward in life.

She was shown a past life as a little girl from a very poor family in medieval Europe. While she was still young her parents kept her younger brother with them and sent her to the catholic Church. As she grew older, she felt it would be safer to stay inside the convent. So when she was around 18 years she took the vow to remain a nun.

The higher self said, “It’s vow from that other life- that was the reason she’s having the confusion in this life. She can be whatever she likes. It’s important for her to experience love – to give and to receive love. She’s unsure because she doesn’t know who she is. We want her to know who she is and we have no judgment.

The throat problem she has is because of the vow. It is there to make her aware of her present choices she is going to make.

Everything is there for you to experience and to learn how to honour yourself and the other person you are with. How you treat yourself is the most important thing to learn. The homophobia is a part of the vow she took in the other life. There was fear attached to it. She became a nun to feel safe. You see now that she’s going into a relationship it’s making her feel that she’s unsafe, hence she’s doubting and creating confusion for herself.

There’s no judgement about being heterosexual or homosexual or trans or whatever. It’s just an experience and you are far greater than that.

She can decide who she wants to be with and express herself through her gifts. She’ll have much to discover as she honours herself. She is very safe and so loved.

Dolores Cannon’s teachings of the rebirth process is about confronting and integrating our shadow self. Our past life traumas, unresolved issues and suppressed emotions do not just disappear. They are often carried over into our current life, forming the shadow aspects of our psyche.

Rebirth involves confronting the shadows, understanding their origins and healing them. It’s a process that allows us to integrate all parts of our being, both light and dark, leading us to a more authentic and a whole self.

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Image Source: andres simon- unsplash

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