By Lipa Rath

May 19 2023

My client started telling me about her work with the Noongar aboriginal community of South West Australia and Anishinaabe, First Nation folks in Ontario and Minnesota. I was excited, I thought to myself, oh this is going to be such an interesting session as she would find a life time in those places. I had no idea what was going to follow.

When she got down from the cloud she was a little Gopi in a white ghagra-choli dress. She spent much time with her friends. They would wait outside guarding when Krishna and Radha met in the grooves. She would pick up twigs and paint Krishna’s face. The family arranged a husband for her. She felt no connection with him. Her time was spent taking care of the cows, milking them, churning the milk and making butter and walking a long distance in a big group to sell them in a nearby village.

As she grew up, she hardly met Krishna and spent her time with Radha-rani reminiscing the old times. Much later in life she got to meet Krishna again. This was soon after the Kurukshetra war. Krishna was a king now and was no longer that playful one. But it was an important day for her.

However, what I found most fascinating and never had encountered such a scene before, was when I moved her to the last day in that life time. She was much older now. Tired after a day’s work, she sat down to churn milk and started thinking of Radha-rani and Krishna. “A great light has down to the village. We all are enclosed by this light and it is taking us all away.” There was a long pause. Then she found herself in Go-Lok- a place where the Gopis came from.

Then I called her higher self and asked all the questions she had brought with her:

Where is her true soul home?
HS:If she wishes she can be in Go-lok or Vaikuntha. She can be in Kailash or Mani-dweep (Island of Jewels). If she wishes she can simply be.

How old is her soul?
HS: As old as Kali.
Can you elaborate on that?
HS: The divine gives rise to the form of Kali. That is how old she is.

What was she like at the moment Source first created her?
HS: Pure joy.. pure joy…

Can she feel that now?
HS: Yes, she can… if she wants to.

Is there a difference between her higher self and Source?
HS: …No…

How can she be in constant communion with Source?
HS: Just by being love… by being love itself.

What unwanted thoughts are preventing her to be one with Source… all the time?
HS: Her illusion that she is something separate from God.

How many human lives has she had on planet earth?
HS: Many, many… her soul has been here for more that 8000 years or more.

Which of her past life deaths are important to help her understand the way she is today?
HS: All and none. She must accept what she is now. All her lives have taught her things. Some in spectacular ways, some in simple, humble ways. Some in ugly frightening ways. All are important and all are unimportant ultimately.

Which are the worlds or dimensions she has lived that are imp for her to know.
HS: She has been with the Nagas- advanced worlds.

What was her soul like in that world?
HS: Wise…

Did it have a form?
HS: Humans would see them as serpents, but they are not.

What are they like?
HS: Golden long body. They come to help earth sometimes.

L: Why was she shown this lifetime as a Gopi today?
HS: Love. Unconditional love. Love that requires nothing in return. Many ascetics and advanced souls incarnate as Gopi to experience this effortless, unconditional love of God. She needed to see who she is.


I was zoning out as I was holding this session and now as I transcribe I feel the same. By reading this may you all feel the bliss.

Photo Credit: Abhi Sharma/Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

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