Spiral Doorways

By Lipa Rath

Jun 04 2024

Gastroenterologists closed his file after doing all the regular tests on my client. They could not find any reason for the pain in his stomach. My client is a doctor too, a cardiologist, so it puzzled him. But the pain was so intense he thought of giving up on his favourite food “roti” (whole-wheat flat bread) and has been living on rice for more than a year. He longed to eat roti. But the pain was too much.

He thought of undergoing a PLR session and found Dolores and then contacted me.

As a cardiologist he had an intense work life; over 12 hours a day on hospital duty. His training was in inserting “stents” into patients hearts for fixing it there for “longevity”. But he felt more than half of his patients would continue to live long without a stent if they could follow some simple procedures and few changes in their lifestyle.
But other doctors would not agree with him, instead scare the patients to urgently insert a stent. He felt little ashamed admitting, because it’s a quick fix and more lucrative for the doctor.

But doing this hurts his soul. He felt a dissonance- because he thought the importance of being a human is lost in the process of “scaring” the patients and “profiting” from their vulnerable state. He cringed at the thought. A noble being for sure, but hurting all the while.

There was also the fear of getting into litigations with patients. He could not give up his job at the hospital, he invested many years into mastering the skill.

So all this was bothering him lately and that would make him wake up 5-6 times at night to go to the bathroom – he was anguished and disturbed, for not even having a restful sleep through the night.

He sobbed as he poured his heart out. His eight year old son would give him wise counsel while they made paper rockets together. He asked his doctor wife to take time off and be at home and play with him when he’s back from school. The financial burden was on him to take care of his family and the older parents.

He said he had read many spiritual texts; materials from J. Krishnamurthy, etc. but nothing really helped his condition.

The other health issues were, nagging pain in the neck, pain in the tailbone, and fears of lizards and deep waters.


He was shown a lifetime as a woman who worked in the fields. She had two children and an alcoholic husband, who didn’t do anything. She was in charge of everything- working very hard to take care of her family and felt very unsupported. One day when she was out in the field all of a sudden an alligator came and dragged her by her feet and took her into the deep water where she got killed.

SC/ higher self said he is still carrying that pattern of “desperately working hard to make ends meet”. He still feels the pain from that life.

“Which part of the body is still carrying the pain?”

SC – The stomach area.

Wow !!😮 SC said now that he is aware where and how the pain originated it will be gone. It was healed.
He is so overwhelmed with his life at work (hospital), by going to the bathroom 5-6 times his body releases the burden to reset him for the next morning. If he could talk about his feelings and expressed himself more freely this frequent visit to the bathroom at night would cease.

SC continued saying that the neck pain is a memory that is triggered from another life time: As a young calf he was suddenly taken away from his mother while drinking her milk, and was slaughtered. (I rushed through that part as I didn’t want him to feel emotions again!) The neck pain was released.

The fear of lizards and deep waters came from being dragged and drowned.

Well, as a baby elephant he slipped from the mountain cliff while playing and fell on his tail bone. The pain in the back triggered when he was forced to sit at a place in the current life.

He was literally hugged and kissed by his higher self. It was really a beautiful moment to watch. It’s such a visceral experience for the client. It’s a reunion with the divine self. There were no words- he just floated…

Well, the best part is yet to come. Like a torrential rain his heart started opening and he couldn’t stop messaging me for the next couple of days. Divine Romance- what can be more sweeter than that!

The next day he wrote to me: Ma’am I have no words to speak. You almost put life back into a dead human being. I have been so depressed frustrated stuck for so many years for now. I didn’t knew what is the direction where I should move and it was a huge baggage. You helped me to unload it. Yesterday after a long time i went once for urination in night. I am still feeling blessed. Thank you ma’am you changed course of my life and helped me find my way.

Then two days later: Good morning ma’am I am having tears of gratitude flowing from my eyes after realising I am part of HIM. I am really grateful to you for helping me experience it. Thank you ma’am.

Again on the 3rd day: Sorry ma’am to bother you. But feel like thanking you again and again. You really opened the door I was searching for such a long time. I have healed a lot. I can feel in my body and mind. I am forming boundaries gently. Rage that I was holding in my heart has been replaced by Joy. Feels like laughing on my own. Sometimes tears of gratitude just roll over my cheeks. Didn’t know life can change for good in such a way. Thank you from my bottom of heart. You need not reply to my message. No compulsion. I just want to express and share what I am feeling. Thank you ma’am.

4th day: It really amazes me also as my circumstances remain the same as they were before my QHHT session, but how I am feeling is totally poles apart. I have read many times at so many places that joy and how one feels doesn’t depend on situations around him but what is the essence of this life I can now make out. Oh my head was so full of knowledge and clutter but my heart was empty. This one meeting made weight of useless knowledge in my head light and filled my heart with joy. I can see in my day to day how my heart feels joyful in any situation and how my mind is caught in it’s old ways of comparing, achieving and accumulating. It is really fun to see both as separate. Feel so blessed ma’am.

A week later: Good morning ma’am. Simply want to thank you. Tears of gratitude still flowing off and on. It feels what I have witnessed, if I try to describe it then the closest analogy would be when lord Krishna showed his vishwa roopa (divine vision) to Arjuna he couldn’t describe in words or when Swami Vivekananda asked Guru Ramkrishna give me proof of God and he put his foot on chest of Vivekananda and he saw something he couldn’t understand as it was so vast and unbelievable. This is the closest I can describe it. Though I don’t feel I am anyway near to any of them.
Thank you ma’am.


The reason I wanted to share this is that when we read about someone’s experience like this, we don’t feel we are separate from the experience. 💜

Thank you, my beloved teacher Dolores Cannon! 💖🙏🏼

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