Isle of Blue

By Lipa Rath

Jul 02 2023

In her QHHT session my client was shown a lifetime which I strongly felt that perhaps from the times her soul lived in Atlantis. But when she woke up she said it did not feel like earth, but another planet, because her body felt more like a humanoid, yet very aesthetic.

She very tall and dark skinned, wore a blue tube top and the bottom was like a blue divided skirt in soft blue layered fabric. The clothes didn’t cover everything. But people preferred to wear different shades of blue, from cool blues to warm blue, to cobalt blue.

She wore a big clear quartz around her neck long black hair and golden hand cuff in one hand that was given by the man who loved her. He was very handsome and wore crystals. Their world was powered by crystals. She knew how to divert the energy where it needed to go. She said she was some sort of a scientist. There was a pedestal where a huge crystal was kept and she would work with that crystal.

“The higher up you go you work in different crystals”, she said. She was just a beginner and worked only with clear quartz. There were buttons on the pedalboards and when you press them they vibrate into different frequencies and white light current would flow. And it goes into a tank kind of store, that powered everything in for their community.

It was a small island- from her living room everything looked blue. Her parents lived in the city while she lived away in the community with her partner.

She and her partner had a community ceremony when they decided to live as a couple. They clasped their hands and exchanged vows, she called it – “the binding of the soul”. There was an “elder” who blessed them by touching the back of their heads.

She lived on top a cliff in a small community. The houses were open. The beds were curved out of stone from the cliff. They had feather mattresses not very thick, but very comfortable. There were clear quartz everywhere. She had white marks on her body. They were powered by the crystal pendant around her neck. There were no lamps but orbs of light when she needed light.

They traveled from island to island through wooden ships, and the ships didn’t sail. They just skimmed and glided through the waters.

She lived a long time, around 70 years and when she left her body they wrapped her body with braided flowers, made a boat using long leaves, put her body and gave it to the sea.

She came to the session with a big piece of clear quartz, a moldavite and few tektites. As QHHT practitioners, we don’t encourage bringing any crystals with you. But some people feel more safe. Then it’s okay.

The soul is so full of mysteries …😇 I asked my daughter if she could create images using Canva A.I. What came out was very cool and interesting, and we call it “isle of blue” just for fun. 💙
Hope you enjoy as much as we did learning about other inter-dimensional places and playing with A.I. 🤓🥳

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