Simultaneous Time

By Lipa Rath

Mar 15 2024

Simultaneous Time:
Vedantic scriptures tell us that reality is not one but many; at any given time we are living in many realities. It is interesting how we perceive time and pain.
My client drove a sleek Mercedes SUV from a long distance for a QHHT session with me. He had the latest model of iPhone, he was impeccably groomed and handsome. My antenna goes up whenever I meet a very well “put-together” kind of person; is he masking something?😉😄 well, that comes from my experience of being a lifelong student of body-language. 🤓
But he had a completely different story.
“I want this to be my last life. I don’t want to come back to earth again.” He complained of a lifelong migraine pain. He tried allopathy, ayurveda and homeopathy – nothing seemed to have worked as the pain would come right back.
As he laid down on the bed, I sat down on the chair to his left. In no time he went into a deep somnambulistic state:
He was a dark skinned man living in Ravana’s kingdom in (Sri) Lanka. He lived in the forest with his family. One day, unarmed, as he was roaming around in the forest, someone from the enemy side shot an arrow and that hit him on the right side of his temple. He screamed out in pain as he fell down. “This is so unfair!” he cried out as he died. “The arrow is still stuck on the right side of my temple. I can’t reach out as I’m dead. Could you please remove the arrow?  It’s still there and it’s hurting.”
“Yes, of course!” I tiptoed to the other side and (pretending) I yanked it out of his head. “It’s gone now.” The pain was gone too.
This is so fascinating! My dream of becoming a magician has been fulfilled!! I felt like an achiever of sorts 😃😍
How is it possible that I time-travelled to 8000 years back, into a field and pulled the arrow from this man’s head which healed his migraine! 😯
Later the SC or higher self, “Lipa, I was watching you cross that side. The place that you crossed to reach this place wasn’t very safe. Next time you come carry tulsi beads with you for your own safety.”
Somehow I knew that the tulsi beads would have a way to come to me. Two years later after an ayurvedic spa session I was presented with a string of beads. “Tulsi beads- for your protection!”😇😇
Well, this goes to say that there are many versions of ourselves- engaged in different activities that our conscious mind cannot fully comprehend the multi-dimensional nature of our souls.
But I feel as we take some conscious risks to expand ourselves, a blanket of protection covers us with warmth and support. There’s no fear, only love, and part of magic is in reverence of a higher order. ❤️🙏🏼❤️
Picture Credit: Pixabay
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