2021-10-08 11:04:27

It’s an excellent experience. It’s truly great and touched my heart. Love you so much.


  2021-10-08 11:01:11

I got to know about QHHT session from the internet. I’m glad that I met Lipa ma’am. I found her very supportive, knowledgeable and kind. It was helpful to discover my life purpose and see why I’m positioned the way I am in my current life. Thanks for all her…

Sonal S

  2021-10-08 11:00:22

It was a wonderful session with Lipa. I am feeling so relaxed and comfortable. I came here seeking answers to my problems and amazingly I got all my answers. Hopefully I will get insight of how to live my life purposefully in the coming days. I am really grateful for…


  2021-10-08 10:59:39

Thank you Lipa, for the most integrated, powerful, helpful, regression session. I experienced a total merging with my higher self. & everything and everyone around me also kind of merged with that power. I’m feeling healed, whole, complete and joyful aligned to myself. I experienced someone outside of me was…


  2021-08-02 11:16:59

I came here not knowing what exactly to expect. I only knew that this is what I wanted to do. To find out. To seek answers. Lipa was a Godsend. The session was very cathartic. I emerged feeling light, relaxed and content. I’m glad I came to Lipa. Thanks for…


  2021-08-02 11:16:26

I’m writing this right after my session with the amazing Lipa Rath. Honestly right now I am quiet speechless. Being a skeptic it all seemed quiet strange to me. After speaking for some time (which happened completely naturally as Lipa is so easy to speak with) we started the hypnosis.…


  2021-08-02 11:15:56

Dear Lipa, thank you for an amazing QHHT session. It was powerful, beyond imagination. Moving from lifetimes to connecting from my soul to the universe was an overwhelming experience. Felt immense energy and the best part was – I discovered who I am. Thank you so much, Lots of Love…

Poem La

  2021-08-02 11:15:18

I Poem La had a wonderful session with Lipa. She is a wonderful person. She took me into my past life with great ease and comfort, helped me release my trauma’s I was facing in this life. I feel relieved and relaxed and a happier person. I have also realized…

Kabbu L

  2021-08-02 11:14:35

Dear Lipa, I feel uplifted, unburdened and peaceful after this wonder QHHT Session. It’s an experience I have learnt from and will impact my life positively moving forward. My heart goes out to you helping me through this powerful process. I am grateful and abundance of love is showered from…

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