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Apr 29 2024

I recently had a session with Lipa ma’am. I must admit that it was so unique and enthralling that neither I have anything in life to compare it with neither I have words which can describe it even vaguely.I was frustrated for years in various spheres of my life and I was unable to understand what I am supposed to do, whether I am doing what I am supposed to do, what is my way forward. I had applied all of my intelligence for years to understand these questions only to realise that all my knowledge, intelligence or logic will never be able to answer it. But at the same time I had no help also which I can seek. All psychotherapist, psychiatrist or psychologist were almost close to being useless in my case. That too in a situation that I am myself a cardiologist. Then by grace of God I came across Dolores and through her Lipa ma’am. I was bit sceptical when I was going but I knew it very clearly nothing else will help me and my gut feeling told me to go ahead and I thank you myself that I went for session overcoming my resistance. It was the best thing which happened to me after long long time. Thank you ma’am from bottom of my heart. You are really a guide and saviour, at least for me. Keep doing this great and unique work.🙌

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