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Apr 25 2022

*I have had the privilege to have a session with you. QHHT PROCESS WITH LIPA MA’AM WAS AN INTENSE HEALING. I decided to pen down my feelings here today after 16 days. It is very difficult to share my experience but still, I will try my level best to write my thoughts. Though QHHT cannot erase grief but gives us a clear head to be able to accept and embrace it with full acceptance of our situation. During the session, only my mind was active and I was unaware of my body. Lipa healed me from within and I am so obliged from my depths of the heart. I got the answers to the root causes of my unexplained sorrows and depleting emotions not only knowing them but healing them too During the session I met my Sai Baba it was an awesome experience the roses… the smell of roses Babaji’s touch was real that I cannot explain them. Even I cried a lot as Baba Ji was crying with me. I have no words to write my feelings l can’t explain… the list to describe both the session and Lipa ma’am is endless. She is a great healer and a great person too. I still have many questions and want to go once again to get my answer to all the unanswered questions and I will surely talk to her about this. What happened was so so so so real. It is difficult to believe but can only be felt. It is even difficult for someone who is a very logical and emotional person. It’s something that one has to experience first in order to believe it. Thank you ma’am from the depths of my heart thank you, ma’am, thank you, thank you so much !!!!!!

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