Soul’s journey

By Lipa Rath

Apr 04 2020

We talk about women’s issues- protection from tyranny, safety, equality, but I feel so glad when men come to my sessions n cry; shake their bodies and sob…😢😭😰

However it’s one thing to cry alone, but when you cry in presence of someone who doesn’t judge you, it’s such a huge release!
Sukhbeer came from Punjab for a session. He said he was behind bars in the US because had raped his minor girl friend when he was 19.

He is in his mid 30s now.

He said his parents still lived in the US. Many years ago on his visit to India while he was returning the US officials checked his passport. When they found out about his criminal record they deported him back to India. Since then he has been trying to get back home, but he has not been successful. Now he is married with children and still struggling emotionally, financially and feels directionless.


When Sukhbeer was 4 years old his family moved from Punjab to Canada. He had an older brother who was 6 years then.

For the initial couple of months they lived at his Buaji’s house in a very small apartment in Toronto. Buaji lived with her husband and two teenaged boys. While Sukhbeer’s parents slept in the living room, he and his brother were given two separate rooms that they shared with the cousins. The cousin brother with whom Sukhbeer shared the room sexually abused him. When he confided with his mother she asked him to keep quiet as they had no other place to go. The harassment continued for several months until they moved to their own apartment. In a couple of years they shifted to America. His parents got busy setting up their business.

Sukhbeer held a lot of anger, frustration and humiliation for the way his vulnerability and his innocence was exploited. Deeply anguished by his mother’s inability to protect him, he never had the courage to share his trauma with his brother. Soon his hurt found its way to online porn sites and then it turned into an addiction. He didn’t know how to handle his feelings and emotions. The moment he found an opportunity with his girlfriend, his unresolved emotions turned into aggression and brute power.

I asked the higher self, “Why did he create this kind of intense pain? What is he teaching himself?”

He has to learn to forgive himself and others. We can help him. He knows why he is here on earth.

To help.

“How can he help that would make him feel good about himself?
He knows that very well. He loves young people at his village who are bright and spirited and who want to bring social change. He feels they lack confidence because they are not so comfortable talking in English. He wants to teach them speak better and make them feel confident so that they can shine. That will bring him joy. His soul wants to experience that



Indeed, what stories we create to remind ourselves of our life purpose and our soul’s expansion.

Do share your thoughts and comments. 💜💜💜🙏🏼

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