St Germain and the Violet Flame

By Lipa Rath

Apr 18 2020

Transmuting the pain of Partition (Indo-Pak) and Past Lives during World War-I and II

The violet flame is a spiritual light for transformation of all traumas and suffering we have had with our ancestor and our past lives.

Ascended Master St. Germain is helping mankind to release all that negativity we have carried into our DNA through this magical violet/ purple flame.

There are many guided “violet flame” meditations that are offered on YouTube. Imagining or feeling the violet-light entering through the top of the crown/head and flowing all the way down through the energy centres (chakras) along the spinal column, and imagining it flowing down from your feet down into the core of the earth. Then imagining a bright light at the core, bring the blessings from that light and up through the base of your spine into your heart. It’s a very uplifting and a transforming process as you do this regularly.

India- Pakistan Partition:

From my sessions I have found that the pain of Partition is still deeply embedded in even after 70 years, and 3-4 generation later, people are still carrying the wounds of their ancestors. Not just the way their belongings were stripped away and they were deported, but the way they were humiliated at the camps.

Past Lives during World War-1 and 2

In recent times many of us have had past lives in Europe during WWI and WWII. While reading about this if you feel you were there, then in all probability you were! All of a sudden our spouses were killed, our children were sent to concentration camps, our businesses were confiscated and our houses were set on fife.

Many of my family members and friends have comeback just to experience a life time now only to feel safe and comfortable. They say the soul wants to experience “peace and stability”. And that’s perfectly fine. No judgment.

Master St Germain through the violet flame is helping us get the fragmented pieces of our soul together. We don’t need to know the details of the past lives, but it’s like “disc cleanup” of the soul – removing the unconscious memories of fear, which is causing us to remain frightened and hopeless about our future.

In short, what the great master is doing now is helping us upgrade our DNA for free! 💜


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