Sacred Code- The Mineral Rich Odisha

By Lipa Rath

Feb 10 2020

“We wanted to tell you that the earth has risen to a higher frequency. The minerals carry its vibrational rate now. And those people who want to raise their vibrational frequency of healing and creating miracles in their lives could use these minerals. The crystal structure of the minerals holds the memories from the higher ages of Lemurian civilisation. You can call upon Godheads of the land to connect to the sacred geometry structure of the minerals, to unfold your connection to the earth, and why you returned/reincarnated to this land, particularly, at this time. One time this land held a very high human civilisation but it has lost its knowledge to the human consciousness, but the minerals store them.

Through the dark ages of drama and suffering human beings have lost the memory, but it’s there in their DNA. And it’s time to activate your DNA. The sacred geometric structures can help you remember who you truly are- not limited by your caste/class/possessions or your 3d existence! You are powerful beings. Through the dark times you have lost the knowledge. You have become “suffering” and that must end. It’s time to wake up. The earth and its minerals are awakened. It’s the human consciousness, the collective, that needs awakening.”

~ Goddess Sekhmet and the lion beings of Sirius, on the Leo Full Moon day, Feb 8th 2020, when Lipa Rath asked for a message for her state Odisha and its people/the collective. In fact “the higher beings” have been waiting for her to understand the message.

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