Seeking Approval

By Lipa Rath

Jun 18 2020

At one point of time I was seriously contemplating a career as a fashion model. 🥰

When I approached my father he completely turned it down with a non-negotiable NO!

Anguished and hurt, I felt I could never show my worth to anyone! 😢

Looking back I realise that deep inside I was seeking approval from others to value myself.

Seeking approval from authority or authority figure has left many feeling humiliated- mocked, rejected, ignored and diminished.

Through prayer and self forgiveness I could let go of a lot of humiliation and found my own acceptance and approval for myself. Once I stopped looking for endorsement from outside a brilliant photographer approached me for a shoot. She and I were a part of an international spiritual community. They wanted a model for the media and publication. 😍 😍  Hallelujah!! Jai Jagannath… 🙏🏼

Part of our journey here on earth is to stop looking for approval from the outside or to prove something to someone- be it in the field of industries, films or politics- but to believe in yourself.

We have to know that we are powerful beings, and that begins by accepting ourselves wholeheartedly. Once the love for self is recognised, there’s a tremendous overflow of gladness, gratitude and grace.

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