Second Session with Sai Baba- Jayanti’s Case

By Lipa Rath

Aug 15 2017

Quantum Healing Hypnotic Technique or QHHT® is a modality that uses hypnotherapy as the medium to access the Higher Self (HS).

The practitioners ‘objective to take the client to this state and seek permission of the HS to heal/alleviate the client’s physical and emotional issues. Entirely bypassing the conscious mind.

It is used by practitioner to heal/alleviate a wide range of ailments. Though this process, individuals become aware of who they essentially are and what constitutes their higher purpose in life.Baba_Blessing

Introducing Jayanti – I have known Jayanti for years. She is always bustling with energy and ever ready to cause a stir. An engineer by profession, Jayanti leads a very hectic life, with two growing children, husband, a mob of relatives and a huge circle of friends, she does a fine job of balancing her home as well. Her interests include fine arts, dancing, yoga, cooking, gardening, and charity work; she also takes pride in guiding and helping young children too.

The Issue – Jayanti is someone who gets drawn into the dramas of everyday life. She can fight to support you, and if you rub her the wrong way, then she can go out to destroy you. Given these extreme states of mind, no matter how tired or bruised or scarred she may have been over the years, she still gets entangled in them.

Given her varied interests, it is easy for her to get hooked on a range of things starting from food to social media to shopping.

Over the years Jayanti has suffered a lot due a number of ailments. Visiting hospitals and clinics every other day is a common thing for her. She has several prescriptions and takes about a handful of pills every day. The number of pills has steadily increased as every other pill is meant to subdue the side effect of yet another pill and so on. Far from her troubles ending, she has a chronic stomach illness that intensifies, as she cannot resist the temptation certain kind of food that is not good for her.

Jayanti came for a QHHT session to seek help for her chronic stomach condition. At that time, I sensed that she was extremely tired not just of fighting her numerous illnesses, but also of working long hours to earn the extra income. Surely many of us can relate to this dilemma. Jayanti has always been religious and her faith in the almighty has never wavered. But now she felt it wasn’t as it used to be. For the first time I saw her faith wavering. She was not happy about how her connection with the divine had weakened. She wanted her faith to be restored and was ready to do all that was necessary.

During the session, Jayanti saw two past lives. In one of the lives she was a man working as a priest in a temple. It so happened that one time it was collectively decided that a young priest would be punished. Affected by what he saw, the priest (Jayanti’s past-life persona) was never the same again; he lost his peace of mind and later even turned against religious authority. Decades later, as an act of atonement, he turned to Lord Buddha and sought redemption. Through the session it became evident that Jayanti carried a distinct sense of guilt and through her life, unaware of the source of various bouts of nervousness and anxiety, she behaviour had been influenced by it.

What happened next was very symbolic. She viewed her body from the perspective of her spirit. She saw the ways in which she neglected her body and how her body was suffering as a result of it.

Then, at the penultimate stage of the session, came the time to talk to her SC and HS. I was completely taken aback by what happened next. A voice that was strong and clear and said, ‘Lipa, you don’t know me?’ I said, ‘No’.

How can I name it other than the HS of Jayanti. I asked for an introduction. The reply I got was unexpected. The voice said, ‘I am Baba, Sai Baba’. I could not believe it. But as the session went on my disbelief vanished, after all who else knew such intimate details about my family, dead or alive and me!

I asked Baba if he could heal her chronic illness. He said, ‘is there anything I cannot heal? Yes, I will heal’.  There was silence. A few moments later I asked how was he healing Jayanti? ‘Lipa, secret.’

Again after a pause he said, ‘I have healed her gut. Tell her to be disciplined and not to indulge’.

This is the exchange that followed:

Lipa: ‘What is her greatest indulgence?’

Sai: ‘Anand ki khoj! Fun. Always in search of fun and more fun. Abhi bhi bahut bachpana hai. (She’s still very childish.) Tell her to be disciplined. She must not indulge.’

Baba then gave some general advice.

Sab aajate hain mere paas. Aaj kal chala hua hai na Sai baba sab kuch de dete hain. Ek kadam jao baba dus kadam aayen. Sab issi chalte chale huye hai na, man mein desire…. Kitne saren khwayishen … kya kya chesein leke ghumte hain?

Kaun sacche man se mujhe chahata hai? Jo ek swatch jeevan chahe usko sab mil jayega. Aur jo chahat hai na uske kabhi khatam nahi hota hai.

Tumhare paas naam hai to tum aur naam chahoge.

Tumhare paas paisa hai to tumhe aur paisa chahiye.

Yeh chahat ka aas khatam karna bahut mushkil hai. Atma ki suddhi zyada zaruri hai … jo bhi mera bhakt hai, main unke jeevan ke liye nahi, unke atma ka vikas chahata hun. Ek life main khatam nahi hota hai na, humhe bar bar aana pad ta hai na.’

(Everyone comes to me for his or her wishes; it is the new trend these days you believe that Sai Baba grants everything. Take one step towards Baba and he will take ten steps to give you what you whatever you desire.

This is the reason –“ desires”, so many wishes – you carry around all these things with you all the time.

Who really cares or devotes themselves in a pure-hearted way to Me? The individual who wants a pure life will attain all they need.

And the others, their desires and wishes never end: If you have fame you want more fame, If you have money you want more money.

Curbing your desires and wishes is the hardest part. Cleansing your soul is far more important – anyone who is a follower or devotee of mine, I care for the betterment of their souls and not just betterment of their lives. The refinement of the soul doesn’t happen in one life, that is why you keep coming back again and again.)

There is no denying the value that the above-mentioned advice carries. This was a universal message that came through Baba. I hope the powerful voice that spoke to me also speaks to many others.

Baba lovingly said that he would continue to take care of Jayanti as it is not a relationship she had only in this life but goes back to the past. Giving assurance, healing and love, Baba asked me to bring her back to wakefulness.

Tenderness and care filled the room.


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