Qhht session with Sai Baba

I had an extraordinary past life regression through quantum healing hypnotherapy session: Shirdi Sai Baba came- when I asked for permission to speak to my client’s higher self. This is how every Qhht session is – that in the end I seek permission to speak to my client’s Higher Self and ask questions on her behalf. But never had Baba come and talk during a session!

My client (WT) comes from a very wealthy family. They have manufacturing plants outside Noida, UP. She is in her 50s. Her children are grown up and settled. She has every comfort, but always felt she didn’t have an intimate relationship with her husband, who she adores. Yet she’s scared of him. She wants to learn music/sitar but never tried. She has pain in her knees and her back, and she wanted to be healed from them. She is a very pious lady, a Krishna and a Sai devotee.

She saw two past lives where she ran away from her family and died- one time in a temple and another time in an ashram.

When I asked the Higher Self about her relationship with her husband, it said: (Later the voice said he was Sai baba. It’s audio recorded. I’m referring back to it as I’m writing.)

Kabhi diya hi nahi, husband wife wala rishta… usko aata hi nahi kaise build karna yeh rishta. Kya shikhayun usko, apne duniyan mein rehti hai.

Do baar chodke bhaag gayi hai (referring to the two past-lives). Per iss baar woh nahi jayegi. Rishta inta kamzor nahi hai, per usne haar maan li hai. Isi imtihan ke liye aayi hai woh. Pathar se sar phodna hai isko… phodke rasta nikalna hai usko.

“She never gave much value to a husband-wife relationship. She doesn’t know how to build that relationship. What can I possibly teach her? She lives in her own world.She has run away twice in the past (referring to the two past lives). But this time she won’t run away. The relationship is not weak, but she has accepted defeat. This was the very ‘test’ for which she has returned back to earth.”

I asked about her life purpose and the music that she wanted to learn:

Chahati hai toh kuch kare naaa?! Mehnat toh kare… Haan gayegi (softly) usse usko khushi milegi.

Thoda sa toh mano bal ko majboot rakhna hai. Pehle bhi bhaag li. Har cheez bhaag ne se nahi nikalti. Ab ki baar yeh majbut hai, bhaagi nahi hai. Raste kholenge uske liye. Koyi jadoo to nahi hoga, per jis cheez pe woh koshish karegi, hum uske sahyeta kardenge. Mehnat toh karni padti hai, hum usko sab sajaake nahi desakte.

“If she wants to learn music she needs to DO something about it. She needs to put in some work. Yes, she will sing, that’ll give her a lot of peace and happiness.

“She needs to be mentally strong. You cannot run away from every situation. But this time she is stronger, she hasn’t run away. I will open the doors for her. Well, she has to put in some effort and then I will be able to bless her.”

I pleaded for her: per woh dil ki bahut saaf hai (but she has a very clean and a loving heart, Baba)

Isiliye toh meri ashirvad hai. Aaj sab kuch hai uske paas. Chote chote imtihano se toh nahi darna chahiye na. Itne imtihan to dene chahiye. Chote chote cheezo mein agar ghabrayegi to bhaagti rahegi pagalon ki jaise.

Ashirvad denge. Uske pati ko bhi ashirvad denge. Woh buddhi bhi uske namra karenge. Sab kripa karenge. Samay aane per saaaaab theek hoga. Saaaab theek hoga. Bahut khush rahegi aage. Bahut sukh melega. Aur Mere mein leen rahegi.

Abhi yeh marg darshan ke liye taiyar hai. Bata raha hoon isko, aur yeh sun bhi rahi hai. Main bhi intzaar karta hoon. Agar jo insaan “main” par ahankari ho jata hai aur taiyar nahi hota hai sunne ko, main phir pichhe hat jata hoon. Samrpan hai uska. Isko batata rahunga.”

“That is why she has my blessings. Today she has everything. You should not be afraid of minor tests. That’s why she’s come back here. If you get exasperated by minor tests and keep running away from them, then you will always be escaping from the situation.

“I will bless her. I will also bless her husband. I will help him become more humble. Her life will be full of grace. In time, all will be well. She will remain very happy. And her faith will be rooted in me.

“Now she’s ready for the spiritual journey. I will keep guiding her. Now she has started listening to me. When a person is arrogant and is obsessed with with himself and he is not willing to listen, then I move away. But she has surrendered. I’ll keep guiding her.”

I asked about her relief from knee-joint pain and back pain:

Sharir hai, toh sharir mein toh kuchna kuch chalega! Aisa kaisa sharir ban sakta hai jisme itna takleef naho? Main bhi jab sharir ke roop mein aaya, kya mujhe takleef nahi huyi? Aseem kripa hai… Kuch nahi hoga. Chalti hai, bhaagti hai.. aur intna bhi hai, isiliye mujhe yaad bhi kar rahi hai…. Nahi toh aisi ho jayegi ki mujhe yaad bhi nahi karegi!

When you take on a human body , there will always have something or the other happening to it. How can there be a body with no aches, and no pains at all? Even when I took on a physical form, wasn’t I troubled? She has infinate grace. Nothing will happen. Well, she is being able to run around.. And if she didn’t even have this much of pain, she wouldn’t even bother to remember me!

I asked about changing her house:

He laughed…!

Baichain atma hai na…. per mujhe bhi sunne padegi uski…ab bachcha jab zid karta hai toh bachche ko samjha do, karo do, per baccha jab zid pe hota hai, phir maa-baap ko dena hi hota hai na?… Ab meri bacchi hai toh doonga hi. Per abhi do jagon ke beech soch raha hoon. Jo iske liye sabse accha hoga na, woh dedunga usko. Abhi kara doonga… jald karaa doonga…

She’s a restless soul. But I have to listen to her. When a child is adamant about something, parents try to make them understand. But when they are hung up about something, then as parents we give in to their request. Since she’s my child, I’ll have to give her what she wants. But I’m deciding between two places for her. And I’ll give her the best out of the two. I’ll get that done very soon.

Sab kuch time mein milna chahiye. Pehle mil jati to qadar kam hojati hai. Sab hai uske paas. Kishan ji bhi khade hai…sab kuch hai uske paas… Ashirvad dunga thodi majboot rahegi.

Everything happens at the right time. When it’s given before it’s time then people don’t value that thing. She has everything. Look Lord Krishna is also standing here. She has everything she needs. I will bless her, and she will remain strong.

Advice for me (Lipa):

Lagi rahe… lagi rahe… sab acha hoga tera bhi. Tu bhi acche raste per hai. Kalyan kari raste per hai. Teri beti bhi bahut khush rahegi… jo chahati hai woh payegi.

Keep striving, keep going! All will be well. You are on a blessed path that will help others. Your daughter will also be happy. She will get whatever she wants.

 Parting advice:

Joh Hum pe samarpit hote hain woh hamare abhas ko samajh jate hain. Jo samarpit nahi hote hain, unko thoda time lagta hai…. Samajhne mein.Bas vishwas rakh apne aap per. Mere uper. Abhi pehle se behtar hogayi hai. Pehle toh bahut aalsi thi. Adhyatmik raste pe jane ke liye mano-bal aur sharir ka bal ko majboot karna padta hai. Per uski aashtha thi… bahut zabardast…tabhi toh Main hara hoon uske aage!!

Those who surrender in me, they become aware of my presence. Those who are not, they will take some time to understand this. Believe in yourself. Believe in Me. This time she is much better than before. She used to be very lazy; to be on the spiritual one has to have mental strength as well as physical. But she has faith and conviction- very strong, that’s the reason I have given in to her!

Samarpan jo uski hai na, usse woh mere paas aayi hai. Ab toh iske sang Bhagawati, Krishna, Main… Shankar ji bhi dekh rahe hain… sab hass rahe hain… uski bewakoofi pe. Buddhu hai yeh… mano bal kamzoor hai… Main dekhta hoon. Karunga iska.”

I have come to her because she has surrendered in me. Now she is being watched over by Bhagawati Maa, Krishna, myself and even Lord Shiva too. They are all laughing at her foolishness. She’s silly. She’s mentally weak. I’ll see what I can do to help her.

Meri beti, meri rani, main hoon na tere saath, meri saath rahegi. Tu meri beti hai… meri beti hai….. ab main jaayun?

Aur bahut sare pyar deke Baba gaye…

(Like a loving father) My daughter, my princess. You’re my child, my child. Now shall I leave?

Baba left kissing her goodbye on her forehead.


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