“Courage is knowing what not to fear”-Plato

By Lipa Rath

May 16 2018

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Session Story

Manika Kartik (name changed) 41, was very lonely. She was still not married and has been looking after her mother and younger brother ever since her father died more than a decade ago.

She was very fond of her father. Her mom didn’t particularly show love to her and her sisters. She would often have nasty exchanges with her mother. She has wanted to leave home but somehow still stuck there.

While in her twenties Manika was in love with a guy. The boy came from a very different background and they knew they could never settle down together. Soon the boy got engaged to someone else. That was the time she discovered that she was pregnant. Her boyfriend pleaded her to terminate the pregnancy. And she did. She was pregnant for 8-9 weeks. But she carried a huge guilt of “killing my baby!”

For 15 years Manika carried the guilt of the pregnancy but after the session it was gone.

During her session she saw something very ghastly about her mother. She could not figure out why she looked so scary.

She was asked to come back for another session. This time when she came after a month she told me that she felt that there was an entity that lives in her house. And it has been very disturbing. Its been moving from one end to the other of the house. Pets and children also feel it’s odd presence.

She wanted find out more. She could not figure out during the trance, but when I asked the HS (Higher Self) they said that she had an older brother. He was the first born and died during infancy. Later many more children came, but her mother could not let go of the trauma of losing her first-born son. She was holding on to him and grieving; not letting him move forward.

During the session Manika could communicate with the entity, her departed brother, telepathically.

She asked, “Why are you disturbing our peace and troubling us like this? What do you want from us?”

She heard him say, “I want love!”

I told her from my experience, that everything and everyone is made of love and light. Fear comes out of ignorance and past habits. She also understood that her mom was hurting and she should be compassionate towards her pain (she had no idea about her trauma).

The entity was not there to hurt or harm them, but sought attention and acceptance- love and light to move on with his soul’s journey.

That evening she did some rituals together with her mother and felt a deep sense of peace, calmness and clarity.


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