Releasing toilet anxiety

By Lipa Rath

Jul 19 2018

Client story/report-

It started all of a sudden. I have never had panic attacks or even anxiety issues. A calm happy life. Toilet anxiety.

When it started I researched about it. All that came out was fear of using public toilets. That was of no help at all.

I did not have that fear.

I had travelled all and used public toilets all my life.

Now I was scared to even get out of my room.

QHHT seemed like the only solution. Past life seemed very limiting to me. With QHHT, I knew my body would get a scanning.

So I went ahead with it.

The night before the session I started feeling nauseous and in fact my first session ended with me puking my guts out. All I could see was light! Bright light! And a bad headache accompanying it.

( Later got to know it was because I asked for reprogramming, my bad. :p)

Not a session anyone would expect. Then went for another session. Now heading for a session made me scared. Given my first experience.

But the session went smoothly. Nothing eventful. In fact I might have felt a little dejected. One goes in expecting to see magic.

It did happen. But it took me some time to really see and accept it.

The minute I stepped out of the session I could already feel light.

Yet somehow stable and grounded. I felt a little sad that the healing hadn’t taken place even when I had believed that it would.

It was after a few days I started feeling a shift. No longer would I get panic attacks or thoughts that I would just embarrass myself in front of the world somehow. No negative scenarios.

I went about my days as usual. I would get jitters at first. But I was able to calm down right that minute.

It took days to be honest to release those jitters. And even after a month I do get scared of it relapsing. But the panic is gone. The frequent toilet visits are gone. The fear surrounding it is gone. I feel calmer and stronger.

I feel lighter now.

Hope more people do.

Silver Kittykrisi_panikou

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