Elf, Gaia and Messages from Ascended Masters

By Lipa Rath

Sep 01 2018

“I’m an elf, and I’m very young, less than 10 years maybe. I have a long cap; big ears…” whispered my client, Sony, 57, runs an export business- her voice becoming that of a 10 year old!

This young elf lived with his father in the forest. There was no one else in the family. They lived in a small stone house that had a tiled roof. They had cows tied in the barn, and a stone well inside the house. They lived near a library. His father was a woodcutter. He would sell the timber in the market to support his family. He taught the young elf how to cut wood.

One day the young elf ventured into the forest on his own. It was deep and quiet. He saw some brightly colored fairies around the trees. “They look like humans, but they are all in different colours and they have white wings. Each one has a sound to it. It’s their vibration. I chase them. They are my friends!” Delightfully declared my client-turned elf entity!

The fairies didn’t want his father to cut the trees. He said, “The fairies are the protecting the woods. Gaia, I have something to do with Gaia.”

Lipa- Who’s Gaia?

Elf- She’s in charge of the Earth, especially the living organisms on this planet that grow with the help of sunlight.

L- How do you see Gaia?

Elf- She looks like a mother to the fairies. But she’s sliver white and sprinkles her gold dust with her wand.

L- Is she also in charge of inside of the earth? The Inner Earth?

Elf- Yes, she is. The fairies live inside the earth too. They travel through the roots of the trees. There are other ways of going into the inside of the earth. Many lost things (plants, animals and other beings) from the surface are found inside of the earth. Gaia is all about nurturing protecting the earth and its elements. And I must protect it.

Lipa- Who’s in charge of the human beings? Its governments and the laws?

Elf- The Source

Lipa- Is there a hierarchy?

Elf suggested that we should now go to the library and find out more details from there. He took a while to looking through a book and continued:

There’s twelve ministers, no they are Masters. All are in charge of different things. I can see them. I think they all work together with the “Source”. They get guidance from the “Source”. They are like scientists. Well, not really, but they do experiments and work in different universes. They are looking at the globe and pointing out something. They are the Ascended Masters. They are like masters in whatever they do.

Mahachohan Rogoczy , Serapis Bey, Koot Humi, Asthar, El Morya, Maitreya, Dwal Khul, and few other masters are here.

Lipa- Ask them if they govern our politics?

Elf- Yes. I can see them. They are the politicians.

Lipa- Are they guiding us?

Elf- They are testing us.Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 7.30.35 AM

Lipa- hmmm… can you ask them if we have a role to play in bringing order, justice, and wisdom?

Elf- they are saying increase the vibrations of the politicians. That is why the politicians are the way they are- not all of them, but most of them. They vibrate at a lower frequency. Raise the vibrations of the earth. Consciously draw from the light, the source or the Masters. You will raise their vibrational frequency. You will all be less fearful on earth. You will experience a major transition. It’s already happening.

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